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This is the official site for Lehman Hot Springs.

Lehman Hot Springs has been in the Stubblefield family for more than 55 of the past 100 years. The family ties began in 1925 when Fancho Stubblefield purchased the property from W. H. McCormmach for $6,000. Brief periods in the late 1940s and early 1970s saw the family give the reins to others who eventually returned it to the family.

During the time from 1988 through the first half of 2012, when the Lehman property was not owned by the Stubblefield family, it suffered from over-logging and neglect. Infrastructure neglect led to flooding of the sewage lagoons and a dispute with The Department of Environmental Quality. In 2010, the Umatilla County Health Department closed the property to the public. Later, the State of Oregon obtained a conviction for the neglect and environmental impact and the property went into foreclosure.

On July 19, 2012, Lehman Hot Springs was purchased, once again, by the Stubblefield family. Today, it is being nurtured back to health with both water and sewer systems restored and operating. Lehman Hot Springs is now being utilized for private events. Natural hot water heats the pools and buildings and the multiple springs that feed the pools are running as well as they ever have. Future plans call for an agriculture venture and continued restoration and will be guided by a sensitivity to the surrounding natural resources and geographic features.

The Lehman property remains closed to the general public for access and swimming and trespassing laws are strictly enforced. Trespassing at Lehman, without written permission, will result in a trespass citation.

Please note that www.lehmanhotsprings.com is an outdated, incomplete site lacking historical accuracy and is not part of the current ownership. This is the official website of Lehman Hot Springs: www.lehmanhotsprings.org and www.lehmanhotsprings.net. This website is dedicated to the historical accuracy and current information of Lehman Hot Springs. It is owned and operated by the current owner of Lehman Hot Springs.

For more information contact: info@lehmanhotsprings.org.